Will the horses be auctioned?
No. This event is specifically titled Sales Day because it is not an auction. The prices are negotiable.

Does the purchased horse have to be collected immediately?
No, it is possible to leave the horse at Elmar Lesch’s equestrian centre until you have the chance to collect it. A fee will be charged. We can recommend various transport firms and would be happy to help with this organization. Additionally, we would gladly be of assistance with the further schooling of your new mount.

What is the procedure when several people are interested in buying the same horse?
Generally the first person who commits him/herself to a binding sale is the new owner. The seller of the horse is, however, not necessarily under pressure to sell to anybody but can state his/her preference. 

What about a Veterinary Health Certificate?
All horses are put through a clinical examination and x-ray examination (12 pictures). Prospective buyers have a good opportunity to gain detailed information by contacting our veterinarian.


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