Top-Eventers-Sales-Day | CONDITIONS OF SALE

1. Details of horses
Approximately one week before the above-mentioned date there will be information on this website with a list of the horses for sale giving information regarding their breeding lines, size, with a short description.

The size will be put into the following categories:
S = <1.63 cm
M = 1.64 – 1.68 cm
L = > 1.68 cm

Approximately one week before the Sales Day, the horses that are to  be presented for sale will be available for viewing in the internet with pictures and possibly videos.   

2. Presentation and trial rides
From 10.00 am the horses will be presented by the riders in groups of two, three or four.  It is planned to run these presentations until 2.00 pm to give ample opportunity to see the horses at work and after this, it will be possible to have a trial ride.  Food and beverages will be available. 

3. This event is not an auction
This event is specifically titled Sales Day because it is not an auction. The prices are negotiable.

Generally the first person who commits him/herself to a binding sale is the new owner. The seller of the horse is, however, not necessarily under pressure to sell to anybody but can state his/her preference.

4. Signature of a bill of sale and payment 
The bill of sale is strictly between the owner and client. Top-Eventers GmbH acts upon the behalf of the owner of the horse for sale. Upon signing the contract, a deposit of 10% of the purchasing price is due. This deposit acts as a method for both sides to cover themselves. In the case of the horse not being purchased, this amount will be retained as a processing charge. 

5. Veterinary Health Certificate
All horses are put through a clinical examination and x-ray examination (12 pictures). Prospective buyers have a good opportunity to gain detailed information by contacting our veterinarian Dr. Ekrod Tel: +49 (0) 4135 - 808980

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