From which date can I try out the horses and who should I contact for this?

Our clients have the possibility to have trial rides on the horses at the riding centre belonging to Elmar Lesch within two weeks before the auction. We recommend looking into the internet or browsing through the catalogue beforehand to get an idea of the types of horses in the auction collection. Then we advise you to contact the auction organizers to make an appointment.

When and how can I arrange to talk to Dr. Olaf Neuberg about the auction horses?

Our auction's veterinarian accompanies each horse from the first examination through to the auction day. Details about the training, impressions and comments from the riders and grooms gradually melt together to form an up-to-date picture of the horse in question. Dr. Neuberg is available for a personal chat in the auction office during the training sessions and presentations of the horses. Naturally it is possible to arrange individual appointments.

His surgery telephone number is: +49 (0) 4172 - 220. 
Per e-mail, please address your enquiries to: mail@neuberg-spitzlei.de 

How can I view the x-rays and clinical examinations in the internet?

The results of the veterinary examinations, including the x-rays, can be seen at Dr. Neuberg's surgery.  If the prospective buyer or his/her veterinarian would like to see them, it is also possible to do this online. The internet address is www.neuberg-spitzlei.de  Here you can find the link 'Top-Event-Horse-Auction'. Above this there is an e-mail form to register under and using this form you can request to see the x-rays and assessments. The data can be made available within 12 hours.

Do I need to buy a ticket for the auction?

Yes, the tickets cost €20 and due to the fact that the capacity of the auction hall is limited, we recommend you order tickets per email
(service@top-eventers.com) in advance. The tickets can then be collected at the cash desk on arrival.

As a potential purchaser, should I register myself before the auction in the auction office?

No. For definite and clear offers that do not pose any misunderstandings we would ask bidders to use either their entrance tickets or auction catalogues. Generally it would of course be nice to meet briefly to put a name to the face bidding. Added to this, if you are a buyer from abroad, please pay attention to the terms of payment.

What should I do if I wish to bid by telephone at the auction?

The auction organizers will act upon your behalf if this is your wish. Please send us your written instructions. These can be given in written form to us or a special note can be sent to you by us (please request this either by telephone or e-mail). If you are bidding for the first time or come from abroad, please send us a written confirmation from your bank in advance. We will then contact you by telephone in plenty of time before the horse in ques-tion comes into the ring. The purchase note will be signed on your behalf and, as already discussed, then confirmed and signed by you. We give a guarantee of professional service and look forward to congratulating you on your new purchase.

How is the settlement price calculated??


How should I understand the terms of payment?

Payment is due immediately after the bid has been accepted. The amount can either be paid in cash or by cheque in the auction office. For purchasers from abroad, the payment can be made either in cash or by a previously arranged method. If there are any queries, please contact Iris Schless, Customer Service.

What should I understand by the term "After Sale-Service"?

As part of our service, we can arrange to organize the transport of your horse to your home stable including an insurance. Also we would be glad to help you with schooling tips and support, individual training sessions or advice on feeding plans. Please do not hesitate to speak to us about these matters.

Who will take care of my horse after the auction?

After the acceptance of the bid, your horse will be taken care of by one of our team. We will listen closely to your special wishes in regard to the horse until he/she is collected. Your horse will be well-looked after and for this complete service, a fee of 25€ (plus VAT) per day is charged. If you need your horse to be trained further and presented at shows, Elmar Lesch's team would be more than happy to assist.

Who could transport my horse from the auction to my home?

Several transport companies have placed an advertisement in our auction catalogue and are present in Luhmühlen during the auction days. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange transport and we would be happy to do this.

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