Looking back on 2015 - See you again on 12th November 2016!

November 2015






















November 2015

The highest priced horse at the 2015 Top-Event-Horse-Auction is sold to the USA

lorfinoLorfino the highest priced horse surrounded by Iris Schless, the auctioneer Günther Friemel, Elmar Lesch, auction rider Anna-Thea Jacobsen as well as trainer and breeder Arne and Helmuth Bergendahl ( from left to right)/Photo: Thomas Ix

Lorfino (Catalogue No. 11) bred by Helmuth Bergendahl was sold for 32,500.00 EUR, this was the highest selling price paid at this year’s auction of elite eventing horses organized by Elmar Lesch and Iris Schless. The 5 yr old who competed at this year’s National Championships for young horses will be travelling across the Atlantic to his new home in the USA.

In the Kurt-Günther Jagau Hall in Luhmühlen, auctioneer Günther Friemel auctioned the 22 aspirants from this year’s Top Eventers collection in front of a full house and an audience who were in the right mood for bidding - There were several lengthy bidding duels which were exciting and drew a lot of applause from the audience. 13 aspirants will be moving to foreign yards, 7 Top Eventers will remain in Germany and two horses were not sold.


The successful bidders were a mix of professional riders, amateurs and up and coming juniors which reflects the wide range offered within the collection. This year the USA were well represented with a total of 6 Top Eventers ‘Made in Germany’ going to American bidders. In addition to the highest priced horse Lorfino, the second most expensive horse, Chico’s Dream Boy, the third on the list Solayka and three further youngsters will all be making the journey to the USA.

A German/Belgian buying group led by Kai-Steffen Meier and Lara de Liedekerke-Meier were able to celebrate successful bidding a total of four times. Steffen Meier and Lara de Liedekerk-Meier together with some of their pupils will be taking, Ducati, Suri E, Bella Vista and Requiro, a group of promising youngsters back to their yard with them. Cantana was also sold to a Belgian buyer, so a total of 5 horses will be moving to Belgium.

The auction organizers Elmar Lesch and Iris Schless were happy with the total turnover of 436,500.00 EUR and an average price of just under 22,000.00 EUR: “Our expectations were met to the full. Half the collection was auctioned for bids above the average price and only 3 aspirants changed hands for less than 15,000.00 EUR. We have entered the second decade of our auctions with a good result. It was good to see not only a lot of regular clients bidding successfully but also a group of new clients bidding here for the first time.”


This year Bernhard Pede (photo above), the breeder and seller of both Quintus and Amara, was honoured during the auction by Elmar Lesch and Iris Schless and presented with a special token of their thanks. Since 2005 the passionate breeder from Dahme has regularly supplied horses for the Top-Event-Horse-Auction, with a total of 11 horses he has supplied more aspirants than any other breeder.


October 2015

A successful debut at CCI2* level for Canus Lupus and Sophie Schiesser at the October Festival in Strzegom

Canus Lupus (2013 Auction) and Sophie Schiesser (SUI) finished the season with a super 3rd place in their first CCI2* event. This successful debut in a long 2* test means the pair have already completed the qualifications for the Young Rider European Championships in 2016. A great way to end this season and be motivated and looking forward to next season during the winter break. Our congratulations to Sophie & Canus Lupus in Switzerland.


Canus Lupus and Sophie Schiesser (SUI) / Photo: eventingphoto.com

September 2015

Looking forward to the 11th Top-Event-Horse-Auction!


The preparations for Top-Eventers GmbH’s main annual event are in full swing. The Top-Event-Horse-Auction on 7th November promises to be a real highlight. The collection is made up of 22 carefully selected elite eventers, many with good bloodlines and all aged between 4 and 8 years, a special attraction are the 4 horses which competed at the National Championships as well as 2 Top-Eventers with international placings.

The 5 year old age group is best represented with a total of 13 aspirants, the majority of which bring a convincing list of performances and placings with them – a great base for following in the footsteps of the successful former auction horses and perhaps with the aim of competing at the National Championships for Young Eventing Horses next year or even the World Championships for Young Eventing Horses.

Elmar Lesch and Iris Schless have also selected a wider variety of talented mounts for the ambitious up and coming young rider. Elmar Lesch is sure that potential buyers will find what they are looking for: “We want to fulfill the wishes of not only the riders moving up from ponies but also juniors and young riders. We take special care when choosing the horses for auction, as well as being healthy and have the right sporting quality; they must also be an easy ride and have the right attitude. Normally there are a number of suitable candidates for each of our potential buyers and we are happy to give advice when they are trying out the horses. The top results achieved by our former auction horses at up and coming young rider levels show that these young talented riders have found an ideal sporting partner at the Top-Event-Horse-Auction and this together with the  confirmation that the right rider/horse combination were put together is proof of the right standards being set during selection. I am really pleased that we can offer a number of suitable top horses again this year.”

Iris Schless emphasizes however that the professional rider and ambitious amateur shouldn’t worry because they haven’t been forgotten: “Amongst this years candidates there are a number of current “raw diamonds” that have the potential to successfully compete in top level sport and at international championships. The “come of age” aspirants which are ready to “mount, ride and have fun” complete our wide selection.”

In the meantime the work necessary for presenting the collection is almost completed and recently the video and photo shoot took place in Bavendorf.


The contents of this file and all the secrets it holds will be revealed at the beginning of October!
As always our team did a great job – huge praise has to go to our riders, grooms and camera people. We are also very grateful for the fact that the weather gods were kind to us even though the forecast was anything but friendly – it would have been a pity to have raindrops on the lens obscuring the view of these lovely horses – we were happy not to have to cope with Scottish weather ;-)



All the Top-Eventers (and their riders) – groomed and polished by our Team – put in a convincing performance in front of the cameras and presented themselves in the best light.

The catalogue has been sent to the printers and the photos and videos will soon be online. While you’re waiting here is a short preview:

The whole auction team, who are already aware of the quality of the collection, are really excited and looking forward to the next weeks and of course to the auction!

As soon as the collection is presented online you can arrange an appointment to try out your chosen horse/horses. Please contact either Elmar Lesch (0171-4508673) or Iris Schless (0171 – 2605153) or send an email to: service@top-eventers.com
We look forward to welcoming you soon in Bavendorf!

September 2015

Triple win for Conner K and Johanna Pohjonen at the Nordic/Baltic Championships!

Johanna Pohjonen (FIN) and Conner K continue their successful season with a bang! Having just won the Finnish Junior Championships she travelled to Demark for the Nordic/Baltic Championships for Juniors/Young Riders and not only did she win gold with the team but the individual title and was top of the leader board for the open CIC1* event. What an incredible season!

August 2015

Conner K and Johanna Pohjonen win gold when riding together at championship level for the first time


The winners smile: The new Finnish Junior Champion and her Top-Eventer. Photo: Private

Originally it had been planned that the first season with Conner K, the top horse at the 2014 Auction, would be used for getting to know each other, Johanna wanted to enjoy her last pony year and use the time to adjust to riding her larger mount. However right from the start the pair got on so well together that during the last weekend in August they were allowed to compete at the Finnish Junior National Championships.


Photo: Patrick Lundgren

They left the rest of the field well behind them and came home from their first championship with the gold medal. We send our best wishes and congratulations to Finland and are particularly pleased that we gave the Pohjonen family the right advice regarding Conner K.

Team Gold for Carolyn (2009 Auction) at the European Championships for Young Riders

At the European Championships for Young Riders in Strzegom, our former auction horse Carolyn came home with a brilliant result; gold with the British Team and 8th place in the individual competition.


Photo: Trevor Holt

The Hanoverian mare was ridden by Isabella Innes Ker (GBR), Carolyn and her rider having been competing successfully in international sport since 2012. This season the pair have already been placed under the Top Ten in numerous CIC/CCI2* events.

Having already been a member of the winning team at the European Championships for Junior Riders in 2012, the successful sporting career of the Top-Eventer and her ambitious rider now continues at the next level.

Isabella has a number of videos on Youtube – here are some great examples taken in 2015 and 2014:



After an excellent dressage test and a clear round in show jumping Carolyn and Isabella are lying in 2nd place. However the young rider withdraws before the XC due to the ground conditions – real horsemanship! Here are her comments about the video:
"Pops did an amazing dressage to score 33.6 to lie in 2nd place, she then did a lovely clear sj but sadly had to withdraw as ground was just too firm. Really annoying as she felt mega but she's so special... will just save her for another day!!"

And that day came and we are sure many more successful days will follow. The win with the team and the top individual placing at the Europeans is the highlight of their career so far. Congratulations and we wish Isabella and Carolyn the best of luck for the future

Chenaro’s winning streak continues!

At the beginning of May Chenaro, a former auction horse from the 2014 Auction and National Championship participant, made a name for himself by winning the CCI1* in Strzegom with his young rider Gosia Cybulska (POL). From the 8th – 9th August he was entered for a further CIC1* event in Sopot (POL). However this time Gosias trainer, Lukas Kazmierczak was going to be holding the reins (Photo below: zebrazklasa.com) in preparation for him riding the Oldeburger gelding at the Polish Championship for young horses for which this event was a qualifier.


The plan worked: Chenaro finished the test on his top dressage score of 35.1 and left the rest of the field behind him. The Cybulska family were thrilled with the result and are now looking forward to the highlight of the season. Alicia Cybulska, Gosias mother very kindly sent us a photo of the winning pair and we also have videos of the winning ride:



We would like to congratulate Lukas Kazmierczak, Gosia and Alicia Cybulska in Poland and Chenaros owner, Marzenna Walden in the USA and of course we wish them luck for the rest of the season.

July 2015

An update on the successful results achieved in the last few weeks: This summer our former auction horses are stealing the sun the show!

As the second half of the season gets underway we can report that the former auction horses started the season as they meant to go on and can bring you news of continuing top performances.

Yet again the one who has really stolen the show is Valentine (2012 Auction), she is now 8 yrs old and has just competed in her first CIC3* event in Baborowko (POL) and not only did she gallop home in style but straight to the top of the leader board with a brilliant 3rd place. After a number of top placings at 2* level and winning the CCI2* in Strzegom (POL) in the spring, the small mare with the big heart has yet again proved her quality and potential in an impressive way.


Photo: eventingphoto.com
Nadine Marzahl had this to say after the event:
"Valentine is unbelievable……we came to Babrorowko to try an event at 3* level, our aim was to finish the event. I still can’t believe the result…..3rd place….absolutely crazy. I am so proud of her performance in this, her first 3* event.


Windsor H (2006 Auction) and Maria Sendagorta (ESP): Have been competing in top sport for many years. Mid July while competing in the CIC3* at Jardy (FRA) they added another top-ten placing to their list of successes. Our photo shows them during the CIC3* cross country in Strzegom. Photo: eventingphoto.com


This pair is definitely something to watch for in the future: Indurain (2009 Auction) and Claas Hermann Romeike, they came 6th in the CIC3* in Barorowko (POL). This was their second top placing at 3* level this year. Photo: eventingphoto.com

The experienced Raumalpha (2006 Auction) still competing together with his rider Patrizia Attinger (SUI) in their 8th season showed his top quality by finishing 2nd in the CIC3* in Arville (BEL) and then won the CIC2* in Unterbeuren which meant he took the IWEST-Ammersee Cup home.

As well as being pleased about the top placings in international sport, the promising results of the youngster sold via the 2013/2014 auctions also give us a lot of pleasure. They are being successfully presented at events by not only professional riders but also in amateur sport: Obiamo (2014 Auction), who ridden by Kai-Steffen Meier not only won a novice xc test for young horses with a top mark of 9.5, but also came 2nd in a similar test and then went on to his debut at CIC1* level in Jardy in France where he came 8th. Mighty’s Match, who was bought by Lara de Liederkerke-Meier at the 2014 Auction is also competing successfully at CIC1* level.

The Scheepers family bought their second Top-Eventer, Cornets Filius at the 2014 Auction and their daughter Lena has already ridden him successfully this season with placings up to novice. The young rider now has a second top horse in addition to Capri Colours (2010 Auction).

cornets filius

Lena Scheepers and Cornets Filius (2014 Auction) during the CIC1* XC at Hünxe. Photo: eventingphoto.com

The grey mare Loretta, who was bought via the 2014 Auction by Dr. Manfred Giensch is currently being successfully introduced to the sport by Nico Aldinger. They have already won two tests for young horses at novice level and have also come 3rd in a novice event and the mare will be a reliable sporting partner for Lara, Dr Giensch’s granddaughter who is also responsible for her new name “Lara’s Little Loretta”.

Another horse sold via the 2014 Auction and also competing under a new name is B-Lasina now christened “Endlich Lust” by her new owners the Kriegisch family. Dr Norbert Kriegisch who is an enthusiastic amateur rider who has ridden a number of horses up to 3* level is sharing the task of training the mare, who took part in the national Championships for young riders, with his daughter Marie. This season they have already been successful in 115cm show jumping and a combined test at pre novice level.

Double Diamond, an aspirant from the 2013 Auktion, ridden by her 13 yr old rider, Ann-Cathrin Bierlein competed in the national championships for up and coming junior riders in Warendorf during the first weekend in August and came 12th.

Campesina (2013 Auction) who remained at Elmar Lesch’s yard for further training after the auction, put in a great performance in the CCI1* at Strzegom and finished under the top-ten. Canus Lupus who also changed hands via the 2013 Auction and moved to the Schiesser family in Switzeland came 6th in the same event ridden by Sophie Schiesser.

campesina canus lupus

Christoffer Forsberg riding Campesina and Sophie Schiesser riding Canus Lupus both put in good performances in the CCI1* in Strzegom finishing 10th and 6th respectively. Photo:eventingphoto.com

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all the riders and owners on the numerous successful results so far and wish them luck for the rest of the season!

Lena Scheepers had a winning streak at Hünxe – Team Gold in the Bundeswettkampf, Gold medal in the Rhineland Championship for Young Riders and top of the leader board in the CCI1*!!


Decorated with numerous gold ribbons and sashes, Lena Scheepers and Capri Colours (2nd from the right in photo above) are all smiles at the showground in Hünxe. On 12th July 2015 Lena Scheeper riding her Top-Eventer won the Rhineland Championships for the second time since 2012 and also won gold in the Bundeswettkampf with the team from the Rhineland. Three years previously she had already achieved this as a junior rider. The pair started the cross country in a promising fourth position and added no more penalty points and even a pole falling in the show jumping didn’t stop her finishing at the top of the leader board in the CCI1* test.

The auction team is thrilled for the Scheepers family and would like to take this opportunity to send their warm congratulations.

June 2015

A super event and we welcomed lots of visitors to the Top-Eventers pavilion in Luhmühlen

Congratulations to Ingrid Klimke and Andreas Ostholt on their great wins and we would also like to congratulate the breeders and owners of these wonderful horses, which provided our sport and German bred eventing horses with the best advertising possible.

“Get Together” at the Top-Eventers-Info Pavilion in the exhibitors area in Luhmühlen.

Our stand in the exhibitors area was very popular and we were pleased to welcome numerous clients both buyers and sellers from previous auctions. We would like to take the opportunity of saying thank you for coming to all our clients worldwide!


Photo: Our own personal Top-Eventer “ambassador “ Elmar Lesch riding Lanzelot. Our special thanks go to Lutz Kaiser www.vielseitigsport-deutschland.de for these super images taken on XC day!

The Top-Eventers GmbH you could say was “omnipresent”: Iris Schless was busy at the pavilion welcoming guests and providing information regarding the auction and sales day and was also able to make some new and interesting contacts to potential buyers and breeders. Meanwhile  Elmar Lesch was concentrating more on the sport and rode Lancelot in the CIC3* Meßmer Trophy and at the same time kept up the good contact to the international top riders.

Former auction horses are performing successfully and bringing home numerous wins and placings

Hardly a day goes by without us receiving emails from either the riders or owners of our former auction horses telling us how well they are performing: The Sendagorta family have yet again qualified a Top-Eventer, this time Maxima (2013 Auction), for the World Championships for 7 yr old horses. Christina Sendagorta and the Mighty Magic daughter (Photo below) have already achieved the qualification results required and are looking forward to competing in Le Lion d’Angers:  “After our debut  in a 1* event in Spain at the beginning of the season which we went on to win, followed by a 2nd place in our first CNC2* at the beginning of March, I was beginning to feel fairly confident. In April and May we were able to collect the required qualifying points in the CCI1* in Ravenna and the CIC2* in Münster. We are now planning to compete in a number of others events in preparation and I am already really looking forward to what will be our seasons highlight in France in October”.

maxima christina

maxima muenster
Photo: Christina Sendagorta (ESP) and Maxima during the show jumping in the CIC2* in May in Münster.

Johanna Pojohnens (FIN) aim for this year was to concentrate on another season riding her pony, however she has already managed to draw attention to her Top-Eventer Conner K (2014 Auction), the young rider and her horse not only competed in the CNC1* event in Dagstorp (SWE) but also won it! We send our congratulations to the Pojohnen Family in Finnland and also our thanks for the photo of the happy winners.

conner johanna

Photo: Johanna Pohjohnen and Conner K win the CNC1* at Dagsorp (Sweden)

May 2015

Good news from the USA ;-)

escotPhoto: private

In the catalogue for the 2012 Auction Escot (photo above) was presented as a special offer, recommended for greater things. The Hanoverian gelding moved to his new home in the USA and was initially trained by Liz Millikin. Now ridden by the 4* rider Collen Rutledge, the 9 yr old Top-Eventer has really arrived and made a name for himself in top international sport. Last year Escot was successful at CIC3* level and at the beginning of May 2015 competed in the CCI3* at Jersey Fresh and finished the event on his dressage score and a brilliant 7th place. Liz Millikin has been really kind and has kept us up to date on this former auction horses development.

Here is a video of the show jumping in the CCI3* at Jersey Fresh:

Our thanks go to Liz Millikin for the update and congratulations to Colleen Rutledge on her super result.

Two wins for Top-Eventer in Strzegom

Valentine and Chenaro leave the rest of the field way behind!

The spring event in Strzegom in Poland took place between May 1st – 3rd with tests at 1* and 2* level. Our former auction horses, Valentine (2012 Auction) and Chenaro (2014 Auction) both put in very convincing performances and Valentine took home the cup for winning the CIC2* and in the CCI1* Chenaro also finished top of the leader board.


The winner of the CCI1*: Chenaro and Gosia Cybulska (POL) during the round of honour at Strzegom. All photos: Cybulksa family

During the past 2 years Valentine has continued to convince with top results however we are particularly pleased to see that Malgorzata Cybulska (POL)and Chenaro are performing very successfully at their very first events. The 17 year old rider, who trains in Sopot with Lukasz Kazmierczak, who has represented his country at a number of international championships, is starting at international events for the first time.

chenaro 2

chnaro gosia

A very convincing way to start an international career! Malgorata has set herself some pretty ambitious goals for the season: nomination for the national Junior Championships in Baborówek to enable her to qualify for the European Junior Championships which also take place in Poland, to be exact in Bialy Bor. Winning the CCI1* has brought her a lot closer to achieving her goals. We received an email from Malgorzatas aunt, Marzenna Walden who lives in the USA and bought Chenaro at the 2014 Top-Event-Horse- Auction for her niece and also supports her as much as possible with her sporting ambitions. Marzenna told us about how well “Gosia” (this is what they all call Malgorzata) and Chenaro were getting on and about the top results they had achieved. Gosia has also been busy uploading videos on YouTube. Here are a selection that we find particulary good:

... after an exciting  weekend eventing happy to be back home again:

We send warm wishes and our thanks not forgetting congratulations to the Cybulksa family in Poland and the proud owner in the USA. We will be keeping our fingers crossed that the rest of the season goes according to plan!

April 2015

The 2015 seasons gets off to a good start with placings for former auction horses in events all over Europe!

The 2015 season is in full swing and the first events have brought home very promising results. The names of numerous Top-Eventers from previous auctions are to be found on the leader boards of European show grounds. We are so pleased that not only many former auction horses and their new riders have been able to start the season so well but also exiting  well known pairs have been able to continue their careers with good results.

The Belgian national team rider, Lara de Liedekerke-Meier rode Mighty’s Match (2014 Auction - photo below) in his first international completion at Radolfzell. They competed in the CIC1* and created a very good impression and brought home a ribbon.

mightys match
photo: Kerstin Hoffmann (eventing-art.com)

One f the well known names is for example Patrizia Attinger, who rode both her Top Eventers, Raumalpha (2006 Auction) and Hilton P (2008 Auction), in the CIC2* event in Radolfzell and was placed 6th and 9th respectively.

In March the up and coming young Belgian rider, Laura Loge had a great start to the season and came 6th in the CCI1* in Fontainebleau riding Absolut (2013 Auction). In Oudkarpsel in Holland she was placed 7th in the CIC1* riding Lilly Maleen (2012 Auction) and in the same event Freya Füllgraeabe and Bisazza (2012 Auction) came 14th.

bisazzaBisazza and Freya Füllgraebe – Photos: private

Some of the young hopefuls are already performing well at higher levels and are on their way to competing in top international sport, e.g. Chiccolino (2013 Auction) who, in March  ridden by Merel Blom  competed in the CCI2* at Barrocca d’Alva and brought home a great result finishing 10th overall. Merel and her top horse Rumour Has it (2009 Auction) who she rode at WEG 2014 are heading for the third time to Badminton to ride in the classic 4* event. We will be keeping our fingers crossed.

Merel Blom and Chiccolino – Photo: Trevor Holt

Maxima (2013 Auction) who was ridden and presented very successfully last season by Katharina Kopp, one of Elmar Lesch’s professional riders and who was also qualified for the National Championships for young Horses 2014, has moved to Spain to her new owners. The now 7 yr old mare continues to perform well and according to her rider Christina Sendagorta is great fun – in March 2015 the pair came 6th in the CCI1* in Ravenna.

The development of Indurain (2009 Auction) has been particularly pleasing and a great new rider, Claas Hermann Romeike, has been found for him. This horse was originally ridden and carefully introduced to the sport where he achieved placings up to CCI2* level by Alfred Bierlein , who sadly died very suddenly at the beginning of last year.

Indurain and Claas Herman Romeike taking part in the XC at Luhmühlen – Photo Thomas Ix

At the beginning of April the pair finished 2nd in the CIC2* in Luhmühlen and have now recently come 9th in the CIC3* in Sopot a brilliant start to the season for Indurain and his young rider we wish them luck for all the events to come.

Some younger talented riders will be riding their Top Eventers for the first time this year, including Johanna Pohjonen (FIN), her main aim this year is to qualify for and compete at the European Championships with her pony. Next year the 16 yr old school girl plans to move on and up and she already has an ace in her pocket : Conner K the top horse from the 2014 Auction (Photo below). This year the pair are going to spend time getting to know each other better.


They already have a couple of wins in smaller events that they competed in, in Finland during March and towards the end of the season Johanna would like to compete with Conner in the CC1* which is part of the Nordic Baltic Championships.

As you can see the Top-Eventers can’t be overlooked! Congratulations and thank you to all riders and owners who take time to contact us per email or phone and so keep us up to date. We are sure we won’t have to wait long before reporting   the next success  stories – we look forward to it and wish everyone luck for the rest of the season.

March 2015

A Sunny Sales Day!

On 7th March 2015 lovely spring weather accompanied the presentation of the 16 aspirants of this year’s Top-Eventers-Sales Day at Elmar Lesch’s yard in Bavendorf. The horses were all on their best behavior and made it easy for the prospective buyers to be very enthusiastic about trying out their chosen Top-Eventer once the official presentation with Elmar Lesch as commentator was over.

During the days running up to the sale the videos of the collection had been viewed more than 800 times and Elmar Lesch and Iris Schless were really pleased about the amount of interest shown in the collection they had put together.  Elmar Lesch sees the results of the 6th Sales Day as very positive: “The Sales Day is becoming well known in eventing circles. The “format” is both from the organization and schedule very different  to that of our Autumn Auction. The costs for the sellers are much lower, however this does mean the time between the internet presentation, test phase and actual sales day is much shorter than the lead up to the auction. Nevertheless on the actual day of the sales almost half of the collection found a new owner and the negotiations on a number of the other horses are moving in a very positive direction. Due to the fact that the horses are being sold subject to negotiation and the buyers have to work with a very short time slot we do offer genuinely interested buyers, who weren’t able to make a decision on the day, the opportunity to return the next day to take advantage of an individual consultation.”

Several buyers however knew exactly what they wanted and took home from the Sales Day a Top-Eventer to start the new season with. One of the collection will be leaving Europe to journey to its new stable in the USA and another one will be moving to Belgium. A large proportion of the horses sold will be staying in Germany and national sport. Iris Schless was very pleased: ” We look forward to being able to report on our website the further development of our Top-Eventers and keep you updated on their performances. I am sure we will be hearing a lot of positive news in the future about the horses from this year’s Top-Eventers-Sales-Day. It was particularly nice to welcome a lot of new faces to Bavendorf but as always it was good to see a number of our regular clients.”

Gabriel Kolb who produced the individual videos of the Collection also attended the Sales Day and has put together an interesting report for > www.german-eventing.de.  Thank you! Here we go:

The Top-Eventers-Team would like to congratulate all the successful buyers, not only the riders but also the owners and wish them all a successful start to the season!


There was a lot going on! A look at what went on not only in front of the camera during the photo and video shoot for the Top-Eventers-Sales-Day but also a special glimpse behind the scenes. We are proud to present the stars of the show:


As always, we want to fill the time running up to the official presentation of our star-studded collection with impressions from the photo and video shoot and also give you a chance to see what went on behind the scenes. Here are the pictures of our team, our hard working and tireless riders, grooms and helpers who are always 100% reliable - Many, many thanks to all!


Yet again our riders, grooms and helpers groomed and presented the collection beautifully – the necessary tools and all needed for a perfect styling and the last minute touches were always close at hand:




EVERYTHING was spick and span and thanks to the arrival of spring sunshine which bathed the whole of the yard in golden light, everyone had a smile on their face.


The happy and relaxed atmosphere carried over to the horses who all presented themselves in front of the cameras from their best sides. The whole team was thrilled with the performance of each individual horse; their different personalities giving the collection a great diversity which we are sure will fulfill all our clients’ wishes!

Even though it involved a huge amount of work and effort the fun factor was high. It was very obvious that the riders were really enjoying riding the top quality youngsters. A special thank you goes to our team of grooms who did a brilliant job: plaiting another three or four horses, quickly unsaddling a horse or putting on a bridle, helping the riders swop horses and always ready with a cloth to polish coats to perfection – a last look over horse and rider to make sure all is okay. Then a shout from the indoor arena: “Can you hold no. xy for a head shot?” “No problem, I will be right there”


As you can see we are well prepared, the big day can come – we look forward to welcoming you to Bavendorf on March 7th!

Photos: Thomas Ix | www.foto-ix.de


February 2015

The season gets off to a promising start…..

The first season together couldn’t have started better for Lena Scheepers and Cornet Filius. The young rider from the Rheinland who has previously taken part twice in the Junior National Championships  and who also won the Rheinland Junior championships in 2012 riding her top-Eventer Capri Colours (2010 auction)now has a further Top Eventer, a 6 yr old gelding Cornets Filius, bought at the Top-Event-Horse- Auction in 2014. Once again Elmar Lesch and Iris Schless seemed to have paired the right rider with the right horse and Lena and Cornets Filius confirmed this by leaving the competition behind them to win the club championship at RV Seydlitz Kamp at the beginning of the season.


Our photo was taken just after the auction and shows they got on well right from the word go! They also didn’t have to wait long for their first successful performance  ;-)).  Congratulations to both of them and we wish you good luck and all the best for the rest of the season.


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