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Innovative Concepts and platform for selling and buying top eventing horses "made in Germany"


In 2005 Elmar Lesch and his business partner Iris Schless were pioneers when they staged their first elite auction solely for eventing horses and in doing so closed a gap that existed in the market. Ever since the rules governing eventing were changed, the international demand for German bred horses with good bloodlines has been on the increase. However initially the national breeders didn’t have the platform they needed to sell their products and at the same time receive professional support. Up until then it had been very difficult for buyers to find these eventing gems, a lot of time and luck was often involved before they were able to find the right treasures.

The newly introduced Top-Event-Horse-Auction gave an important impulse as marketing platform for German Top-Eventers. To date it has become well known within the global eventing circus and is an important link between supply and demand.

Who is Top-Eventers GmbH?


Elmar Lesch

Auction Manager Elmar Lesch, internationally successful eventer with wins and placings up to 3* level, runs an eventing yard near Lüneburg. He competed twice in the European Championships and won the silver medal at the National Championships in 1996 and is one of the best trainers for young eventing horses in Germany; he has often sat in the saddle as they have won the National Championships for Young Horses or were placed at the world championships for 6 & 7 yr old Eventing Horses. Elmar Lesch knows the German and international market like no other and has good contacts all around the world. Horses have been sold via the Top-Event-Horse-Auction to the USA, Australia, Japan, Mexico and to many countries in Europe. Not only do amateurs and up and coming young riders value Elmar’s advice but also professionals and he is well known for putting together numerous successful horse/rider combinations.

Iris Schless

Iris Schless is responsible for organization, timetable, PR, marketing and customer care. Due to her many years of experience gathered while working for the Hanoverian Breeding Association she has a lot of know how when it comes to organizing auctions. She comes from a family who are based in the Rhineland that has always been passionate about riding and breeding and her riding career began at her parent’s yard near Wesel. As a teenager Iris Schless took part in the German National Eventing Championships for Juniors/Young Riders a total of seven times and also represented Germany at the European Championships. Iris Schless has successfully competed in all three disciplines up to advanced level.


At an early age she became well known as a successful trainer in her local region and was responsible for introducing numerous young horses to the sport, including those bred by her father, presenting them at state and national championships. Many of the horses she initially trained went on to be successful in top level sport.

Once she had completed her training and passed her exam as master of horse management she decided she wanted to see more of the world. She then spent 18 months working at the Royal Horse Riding Club not far from Tokyo, sharing her knowledge with the trainers who worked there and coordinating the training of both horses and riders.

Today she is still involved with the training of horses and riders and when she is not either organizing the auction or looking after her son she regularly takes on young horses for training and also gives dressage, show jumping and cross country riding lessons.

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